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Jan 28, 2014
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Nov 04, 2013
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Nov 04, 2013
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Aug 27, 2013

Blizzard Modding Network News

xx Happy 2014!!! A wish from Blizzmodding!!!!

December 31, 2013, 10:43:19 PM by moyack

Hi My fellow Blizzmoders!!!!

It's 10:37pm and in less of 2 hours 2014 will start. I just want to give all my gratitude to the staff and all the members of this site for keeping here, for being awesome and I want to wish you a happy new year, totally full of happiness and success in your projects and, of course, please keep enjoying modding!!!  ;)

From my part a BIG and HUUUUGE HUG!!!!!!
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xx Nominate Power of Corruption!!

December 06, 2012, 12:05:13 PM by moyack
Hi Blizzmoders :)

As you know I'm the author of Power of Corruption and in this year Moddb is promoting the MOD of the Year 2012.

All that I need is your vote, just click in the following image to access the vote section.

Thanks for your support!!!

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xx [NEWS] Today is the day: Heart of the Swarm is ALIVE!!!

March 12, 2013, 09:30:16 AM by moyack

Heart of the Swarm is now live!!

Today is the day when it arrives the new expansion of Starcraft II. So let's start in the new plot and new features in units and gameplay. In order to update the game, you must have a very good internet connection due the game downloads the humble 6GB in information. WTF!!!!

If you haven't bought the expansion, just take the opportunity now. It's costing 39.99 only!!!

Share your thoughts and let's fill this topic with spoilers :D

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xx Wc3jass News #2

December 11, 2012, 09:47:18 AM by moyack
News!! #2

I know... I know, I've promised a monthly news, but real life has been rude with me :P

Ok, right now the main reason of this news is to show up to the jassers community the new Theme of Probably the main question is: what's wrong with the other theme?? The issue was it implied a lot of load in the server because it made some excessive calls to the server, and it's very likely people noticed it took 3-5 seconds to load... plain text.

This theme is based in the native one, which is faster. Now you should notice more speed in the load time but keeping the feeling as similar as possible like the previous theme.

If you find any bug with the theme, please report it here.


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xx Road to Episode 2.0

July 04, 2013, 08:35:06 AM by JayJay
Progress to Episode 2.0 "Death's Revenge"

  • Archer Class - Finished
  • Archer Equipment:

-Hunter's Bow - Finished
-Metallic Bow - Finished
-Bow of the Curse - Finished
-Death's Bow - Not Completed
  • Warrior Class Upgrade:

-Strength 5 -> 10
-Intelligent 5 -> 7
-Damage Base 30 -> 43
-Armor Base 0 -> 2
-Mana Base 250 -> 325
  • New Hero Selection - Almost Finished

-Need to add more basic class informations
  • New Item Type - Accessories

*Pendant of Aviana
-Tooltip - Finished
-Stats/Effect - Working
*Ring of the Wanderer
-Tooltip - Finished
-Stats/Effect - Working
  • Death's Revenge Arc

* The Awakening of the Dead
-Ghoul Spawn - Finished
-Dialoge - Finished
* The Death's Reaper
-Reaper Spawn - Working
-Dialog - Finished
* He Who was Forgotten Seeks Revenge
-Death's Appearance - Working
-Dialog - Working
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xx JetCraft 1.2.0

June 19, 2014, 11:45:12 AM by Sourc[e]x

Another major update.
The NA version will not be updated until the Rock the Cabinet contest is over.
For multiplayer, I recommend playing on EU for now.

What's new in 1.2.0:
• Game:
    - The scorescreen buttons is now only available to the host player.
    - The multiplayer main menu theme will no longer briefly play when selecting 'next' from the scorescreen.
    - Bats can no longer eat invincible players.
    - Some background items are now tinted slightly darker to make it easier to differentiate between foreground and background objects.
    - JetCraft no longer has a minimum recommended graphical setting.
    - Border tile animations will now properly reset between game restarts.
    - The camera now stops following the player after incineration.
    - Fire Grates will now kill players standing on it when it ignites.
    - Rockets will now respawn in multiplayer games after a short duration.
    • New Challenge Maps:
        - Hull Breach (Easy)
        - Paku Paku (Medium)
        - There and Back Again (Hard)
        - River of Death (Hard)
• Editor:
    - Improved level compression algorithm to make map sizes even smaller.
    - Level loading is now a bit faster.
    - The item list and preview now displays the correct animation speed and tint color for all items.
    - Added sliders to the item list to support a theoretically unlimited number of items.
    - Item list models will now render a bit faster.
    - Interface model displays has been improved to use a shared camera actor for all models.
    - Certain items will now rotate a random direction to make them seem less uniform.
    - Increased custom level cap to 50.
    - All items has been moved to the interactible tab, and the items tab is now used for color blocks.
    - The lava items shader has been improved.
    - Item and function searching is now instant.
    • JetScript:
        - Added a button to test the level directly from the scripting interface.
        • New functions:
            - const object AllPlayers()
            - object PlayerGetRandom()
            - fixed PlayerGetVelocity(object player)
• New Items:
    - Snow (Ice)
    - Invincibility Potion (5 seconds)
    - Invincibility Potion (10 seconds)
    - Iron Door (Retractable, Horizontal)
    - Lava Flow
    - Color Tiles (64 variations)
    - Background Color Tiles (64 variations)
    - Surface Color Tiles (64 variations)
    - Motherboard (Campaign Item)
    - GPU (Campaign Item)
    - RAM (Campaign Item)
    - CPU (Campaign Item)
    - Invisible Teleporter (No Effects)

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